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Close deals at lightning-fast speed by finding professional emails, enriching domain data, and automating cold outreach

What is SalesBlink?

SalesBlink is a digital platform designed to automate outreach and connect you to the right people for the most productive leads.

A Look Inside SalesBlink

  • Connect with the right leads every time for better prospecting, outreach, and conversions
  • Alternative to: and
  • Find professional emails from site domains and automate cold outreach to save time
  • Best for: Sales teams looking for an easier way to find and convert new leads with automated outreach

Create complex, multi-channel outreach campaigns to simplify your execution and hit sales goals.

Always reach the right audiences by searching, sorting, and targeting factors like industry and location in the prospect finder.

You can use company domain knowledge to discover site social media handles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other relevant platforms. (Sorry, Myspace.)

Then, you can find those companies’ employee emails with just a click.

No more guessing names like a rushed Starbucks barista either. Identify professional emails by domain in real-time and reduce email bounces using the SMTP email verifier.

Search lead prospects from around the globe using industry- and location-specific filters!

SalesBlink lets you run concurrent campaigns using the drop-down selection to switch between organized plans for limitless ongoing projects.

The customer relationship management tools give you the ability to supervise leads, replies, and opportunities better than Kris Jenner handles media publicity stunts.

To keep you organized, SalesBlink lets you add information about cold calls and their outcomes to update outreach tasks for synchronous status and data sharing.

Plus, you can keep your campaign on track by scheduling specific dates and monitoring completed tasks from your dashboard.

Easily allow your prospects to book meetings with you via SalesBlink meeting links.

With SalesBlink, you get a shareable appointment booking link, so that you can focus on what matters.

Connect your Google calendar to schedule meetings with prospective leads within set working hours (and make sure no one ever sets a meeting before your 10 am coffee again).

Or view all of your calendars with event descriptions, locations, and details, just in case you keep losing that one piece of scrap paper you wrote all your meeting notes on.

Plus, you can join any Zoom meeting straight from your calendar to save you searching through email chains the first five minutes of the meeting.

Stand out in your prospect’s INBOX by personalizing your emails with custom images and dynamic variables for that professional edge.

Draft personalized pitches using SalesBlink’s image personalization tool!

When you’ve got sales goals higher than Dwight Schrute’s, you need tools that can help you achieve them (and it’s going to take a lot more than bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica).

SalesBlink makes converting leads simple, providing resources for every step of your sales campaign and automating cold outreach from start to finish.

Land on leads with confidence and turn campaign goals into campaign successes.

Get lifetime access to SalesBlink today!

AppSumo Offer

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to SalesBlink Growth Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Growth Plan updates
  • Stack unlimited codes (codes 11+ add 5K prospecting & email verification credits /month)
  • Only for new SalesBlink users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

  • Unlimited CRM
  • Unlimited multichannel automation outreach campaigns
  • Unlimited outreach recipients
  • Unlimited automated email follow-ups
  • Unlimited appointment scheduler
  • Unlimited email image personalization

SalesBlink AppSumo Pricing

Who is SalesBlink For?

  • Sales teams looking for an easier way to find and convert new leads with automated outreach


If you’re into cold emailing or cold outreach, this might suit your needs. If you missed the likes of Lemlist, Mailshake, Reply, and the likes who were onece on lifetime deals on AppSumo, this tool might have the same potential as those that came before it. Try it out now and see if it speeds up you cold outreach efforts and land more leads and customers for your business.

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