About Me

Hello everyone! This is Benedict Jamora. You can also call me Jamo. Wondering why the site is called Jamoraquai? Well, it all started during a Basketball game in High School. Someone was heckling me from the opposite team and shouting Jamoraquai… That time, the band Jamiroquai was still very popular. So it stuck to me and to this day I use it as my brand for all of my social media accounts etc. 😀

With My Papa

With My Mama

As a background about me, I am an only son to a wonderful and loving parents, a husband to a very beautiful wife, and a father to an amazing daughter.

I’m an IT graduate. Started as a web developer and a programmer in my early working career. Now working as a solutions architect in one of the best, if not the best telco company in the Philippines. But my goal in life is to spend a lot of time with my family, especially that I have a daughter now. I want to eventually graduate from the 9-5 job and be able to travel the world, have enough to provide the best education for my daughter, bring food to the table without worrying about our financials.

With My Wife

With My Daughter

Like everyone who wants to achieve the goal of having to control their own time, be their own boss, travel the world, etc., I have been studying a lot of ways to earn money. I have tried investing/trading in stocks, forex, and crypto. But so far have been a failure in those endeavors. Failure will not stop me and I will not give up to achieve my goal. So here I am, setting up other sidelines, creating ecom websites, having my own blog, promoting products as an affiliate in the hope that all these seeds that I am planting today will eventually help me achieve that ultimate goal in the near future.

Thank you for visiting my site! Hopefully I can provide value to you and help you with your own pain points. You can follow me on most of the well known social media sites. You know what username to look for. 😉

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