How Do I Invest My First $1000


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Are you new to investing but don’t know where to start?

This blog post will help you get setup and move forward with your first $1,000.

But before that, let me give you some background about my trading and investment journey. It started around year 2002-03 when I got stock options from the semiconductor company that I worked at. I really had no idea or wasn’t really interested in fully understanding how things work when it comes to that, but the result was quite good because during that time, semiconductors were still booming. Anyway, the newbie in me did not re-invest the earnings that I got from withdrawing all my stocks. I remember purchasing a gaming PC that time because different priorities. 😀

Years passed and around 2015, my girlfriend (wife now) brought the idea of us buying some IPO stocks from a Company called MRSGI here in the Philippines. We spent around P50,000 (~$1000) that time. We never had any experience in actually buying stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange so it was quite an experience.

That started my interest in stock trading and wanted to become a day trader or an active trader trading Philippine Stocks that time. With my background in IT, I stumbled upon Amibroker and created some scripts in the hope to help me become a good stock trader. To cut the story short, I found out that it wasn’t really for me because it was difficult to analyze a lot of stocks, watch the charts, and read news of each stock. Also realized that I wasn’t a good trader, so I had to tone down a bit on the active trading part and just held the stocks on my stock brokers.

If only I found the tool to help me trade without me over analyzing and stressing me, when I was still starting a few years back. But, in any case, I think I already found that tool, which you will be discovering below. 🙂

So back to what this blog post is about, guiding you on how you can invest your first $1000 and what tool/s might help you make the right decision. I found this from the information below from the tool that I am currently using now to help me decide on what stocks to buy and sell. No complex logic to follow. Just check if a stock is “ON SALE” so I buy, and sell or avoid if a stock is “OVERPRICED”.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of this tool and got a free access by no means I am promoting this just to make money from those who will buy through my link, but to share this information and spread awareness to all first time stock traders and investors along with the experienced traders and investors, who are stressed by analyzing a lot of data before they decide to buy or sell stocks, because the tool for me, is really valuable and something I am using now. The best part is the support also that you will get from the Founder himself. You can message him via his email, and he will definitely give time to talk to you and discuss trading, investing, and even family-related topics.

Your first investment is always a little nerve-racking. You’re about to put money in the market and watch it go up or down. The following steps will ease your nerves and allow you to get started with confidence.

There are two software platforms you’ll need before you move forward.

1. Broker


Before you start investing, you’ll need to setup a broker if you haven’t already. A broker platform is where you’ll connect your bank account and deposit your first $1,000. A broker is similar to a bank as it’s a safe and secure location to save money. How it differs from a bank is you have the ability to buy and sell stocks on your own.



TYKR is a stock screener and educational platform all-in-one. This platform does the heavy lifting for you and determines if a stock is On Sale, Watch, or Overpriced. It’s a platform that focuses on Value Investing. Value Investing is a safe and conservative strategy of investing in financially strong business. This is not trading, where you’re constantly entering and exiting the market. This is investing. Investing is where you buy and hold stocks for a longer term (months or years) and let compound interest work for you.



Setup Your Broker

We recommend the following brokers below. Most of these platforms are FREE to setup, and they have FREE commissions.

Best for US based investors

  • TD Ameritrade – #1 choice for US based investors. FREE commissions.
  • Etrade – #2 choice for US based investors. FREE commissions.

Best for non-US based investors

  • Firstrade – About 68 countries. FREE commissions.
  • InteractiveBrokers – About 190 countries. Low Fee commissions.



Login to TYKR and click on the TOP 50 ON SALE page. This page outlines the top 50 lowest risk stocks that have a high probability of making you money. If you’re new to investing, this is the best place to start.


3 and 5 Stocks

Find between 3 – 5 ON SALE stocks to invest your first $1,000. TYKR has completed the hard work for you. One Sale stocks are stocks with strong financials (A score equal or greater than 10) and a strong MOS (Margin of Safety equal or greater than 50%).


3 and 5 Sectors

Try to spread your stocks over 3 – 5 sectors. Some of the sectors include Financial, Consumer Goods, Technology, Industrial Goods, etc. You don’t want to “put all your eggs in one basket.” In other words, don’t buy all stocks in one sector. By spreading your stocks over a few sectors, you establish diversification. This way, if one sector goes down, your entire portfolio won’t go down.


Time to Buy

Now is the time to buy the first 3 – 5 stocks within your broker platform. It’s that easy!



If you buy a stock and the stock goes down right away, just relax! You have to remember that investing requires patience. You’re going to invest and hold for weeks, months, and in some cases, years. Now sit back, relax, and let the power of compound interest go to work for you.

If you would like to have a look within TYKR, you may get started with a 14-Day Free Trial. No credit card required. They have a 21 day onboarding email sequence that makes investing much more approachable and they have a highly supportive Facebook Group.

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