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Find your way to the most important information, with this A.I powered research tool

What is Genei?

Genei is an artificial intelligence tool that helps you summarize articles & research papers, discover related articles, optimize note-taking, and highlights text for quick referencing.

A Look Inside Genei

  • Summarise any webpage, or PDF
  • Alternative to: Remnote
  • Extract Keywords & Arguments, Generate Original Notes
  • Best Suited for: Researchers, Content Writers, Bloggers

Click any of the resources you’ve added, and on the right hand side you would see the AI-generated summary of the same.

It’s so simple… As easy, peasy as that!!

You can ask the Genei to recompute the summary if you’re not content with the one produced.

Clicking any particular section of the summary will take you to the respective section of the original resources you’ve added. You can edit the summary manually as well.

In the very next tab to the summary section, you can write down the notes, just like you would when reading a book.

Wait, we are not going old school here. Genei’s powerful A.I can also take notes for you.

Just select the paragraphs you’d like to add to your notes, from the resource & Genei will take care of the rest (where were you when I was in University?!)

Right after the notes, in the Keywords tab you will see the list of top keywords used in the source documents/articles.

The keyword section allows you to split the document based on keywords w.r.t date, time, country, organizations, people, etc.

With the search function (Ctrl/Cmd+F) you can find everything in the document with a semantic approach – Exact Match, Answer-to-Question Mode and Find Related Content.

You’d normally spend 10-15 hours researching, and summarize a particular topic… Or, you’d be paying $100 ~ $300 to a researcher to do that for you.

And that’s just for one article… just one.

Today, you can get lifetime access to Genei for UNLIMITED summaries for just $79/one-time.

You do not want to write your next piece of content without Genei.

SaaS Mantra Offer

Deal Terms

  • Unlimited A. I Powered Summaries
  • AI-generated Smart Overview
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Files
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Cloud-based Notes & Annotations
  • Wikipedia Integration
  • Google Drive Integration (coming soon)
  • Export Functionality
  • Reference Generation & Management
  • Future updates & Integrations are included (roadmap)
  • 30 days refund policy

Genei SaaS Mantra Pricing

Who is Genei For?

  • Researchers, Content Writers, Bloggers


Genei is an artificial intelligence tool that you can use to summarize articles and research papers, discover related articles and optimize note-taking. It’s a tool that’s been built for those first-time users, and is perfect for browsing the web when you don’t have much time to read a lot of articles. You can use Genei to highlight text for quick referencing, but it’s also a great way to save articles and notes for later. Check it out on SaaS Mantra and see how it optimizes your workflows by taking back the time you need to read whole articles or stories. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to