How to Get Airtable’s $200/year Plan for FREE



Airtable is a platform for building collaborative applications. Create unique workflows for your team. Sign Up Online. View Pricing. Download Apps. Services: Project Management, Editorial Calendars, Flexible CRM, Inventory Management, Content Planning.

It is also know to be a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet. Think of this as a spreadsheet on “Steroids” due to how powerful it can make your spreadsheets be. You can create a whole application with this as mentioned in the description above.

The Creator Plan

Value of this plan as per Airtable is supposed to be $200/year so you have the opportunity to get it for free by following the steps below.

Airtable Creator Plan Details - How to Get Airtable's $200/year Plan for FREE

How to get it FREE?

  1. Open an Incognito Browser Tab
  2. Sign up using this LINK
  3. IMPORTANT: Don’t invite collaborators in your workspace or else your account will be downgraded to “trial”

*Some users have reported that it sometimes works and sometimes not. The key to get the “Creator Plan” is just to delete the created account and try again.

Udimi solo ads 21 - How to Get Airtable's $200/year Plan for FREE

You will know that you successfully registered to the Creator Plan when you see a similar image below

Airtable Creator Plan - How to Get Airtable's $200/year Plan for FREE

That’s it! Enjoy your new account! 🙂

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